Thursday, October 09, 2008

Crisp Cool Air...It must be Fall!

Well, these past few mornings I have been wearing my winter warm coat. It is a real sign that Fall is in the air. I can't believe it! This past year has gone by so fast. It is less than 10 months until Andrei and I are married. Well, tonight I took the time to putter around the house. Do a little cleaning, and have some fun decorating for fall. The cool crisp air inspired me. I love the fall colours, and saw a few little goodies while grocery shopping on my way home from work.

The candles are easy to have because they just get thrown out when I am done with them. The pumpkins don't take up that much space. Just added a few other decorating items that I had around the house and that was it. I am all decorated for fall. I lit the fireplace and candles and my place is all cozy with the scented candles and warm glow of the candle light. Here are some pictures:

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mom said...

Not down here. just planted flowers

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