Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wedding Plan Update

Well, things continue to be in the works for the plannning process. The two activites that took place this week included meeting with are photographer Jade. We heard about him through one of my sister's friends, who used him this past June for their wedding. Andrei and I met with him on Wednesday early evening to discuss his photograph style, pricing, and see the various packages that he offers. We booked him and are very happy with the services that he is offering. He has a website and a blog that you can check out to see the different photography styles. So, that is a relief to have the photographer booked, as they really seemed to be booking up very fast.

The next wedding item on the list of things to do was to meet with the priest. He wanted to meet with both of us, and fill us in on all the details of the process for having a Catholic wedding. In order to get married in the church we had to have to attend marriage preparation courses. There are different ways to have them work out. But, the challenging thing is to coordinate it with the weekend and Andrei's work schedule, as he doesn't always have weekends off. So, it looks like we will start in Janurary, and take our last class in April. Now, that is a long time in between, but that is the way our schedules jive with the schedules of the marriage preparation courses. We did find out though that flash photography and decorating of the church is permitted, so I would really like to make a point of decorating the inside of the church. I would like to have a border going down the centre of the church with tulle. White and some lilac. I have mastered the tieing of the bows from our engagement party, so hopefully that will work the way it is picutred in my mind.

The next wedding planning activity to take place, is the Welcome Wagon Wedding fair in Langley. Mom and I will be attending the bridal fair tomorrow. Hopefully my uncle and cousin will be able to atten as well, but with work schedules this might get a little tricky. However, I am bringing my book, pen, and camera to get as many ideas as I can from the fashion show and any vendours that might be there. I would really like to get a wedding cake booked.

Thanks for checking in!

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