Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cuttle Bug Trick

Well, when procrastinating from school work. I find neat tricks online of projects to do with the cuttlebug. The possibilities are endless. Here is a cute project with endless possibilities. A decorated paper bag. I just used a brown paper bag, as it was all that had around the house. But, imagine how pretty a coloured paper bag or a plain white paper bag would look cuttlebugged.

This bag was cuttlebugged three times. It is important to make sure the design matches up each time. I then rubbed ink over both sides of the bag to have the embossed part pick up the colour. I used a bronze and pink colour. Use the lighter colour first, so you don't dirty your lighter colour ink pad. I then hole punched the top with my crop-a-dile. Used some ribbon, and finished the bag off with a butterfly die cut.

Cute Hey!

So many possibilities!

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