Thursday, August 14, 2008

A New Look.... and what's new!

Well, I like to play with my Blog and learn how to make it better or at least more personable! This is what I came up with for now. It is a neat site that alows you to pretty up your blog! I went to look at the backgrounds, and this one I immediately fell in love with! I wonder why!

Anways, things are going well, and I am keeping busy! Andrei and I went on a River Rafting trip this past weekend, and boy was it an exciting trip!

We went to REO River Rafting on the Natlahatch river. They have a campground right on site, so we brought our own camping supplies. It was the best camping I have ever done, as you get to play, and have fun, and the meals and clean up is all taken care for you. In other words, it was an all inclusive camping trip. It was a fantastic birthday present!

The rafting was about four hours long, but the trip took about five hours because we stopped for snacks and there was a lot of teaching to do and swim tests to take in order to successfully complete this trip.

It is funny when they were going over the 30 minutes of saftey issues, I kept thinking they definitely aren't teachers because they kept giving us the information, but not really checking to make sure that we absorbed what we needed to absorb, and let me tell you there was lots to absorb.

But, some how I think I got what I needed and survived the trip! Desipite the fact that Andrei and I, plus another individual from our boat trip got thrown out of the boat and had to be rescued. I have never experienced that before! It was very intense ride. Level 3 to 4 rapids. Level 5 are the highest for guided tours and level six are life threatening. We both made it home, but do have some cuts and bruises to show our treck! But all worth the adreneline rush!

Andrei's parents are throwing a family engagement party for us on the September long weekend, so I am looking forward to that! In fact, I went dress shopping today to buy a dress for the special occasion! I actually ended up buying the first one that I saw. I won't tell you what it looks like, as I will post pictures in a couple of weekends after the event.

I have completed all the wedding invities and RSVP cards. I still have to finish the thank-you cards, as well as the Wedding Favours. But, I have all the materials now to make this. I plan on making these tomorrow night and Saturday! I am keeping busy, and finally starting to feel like I am holidays!

Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the hot weather!

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