Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'd Rather Be Scrapping

Well, since starting my Masters it has been a while since I could spend as much time in my scrapbooking room as I am used to doing. And this weekend has been a busy one. Andrei is working all this weekend, so that left me to begin Spring Cleaning my house as well as scrapbooking. I had Cricut Design Studio as the token prize once I got all my Spring Cleaning Projects that I had assigned myself completed. While in Seattle, I did a massive amount of scrap shopping. Purchasing Cricut Desing Studio was one of the special treats I bought, so I have had Cricut Design Studio for a couple of weeks, but didn't have time to play. But since opening it late this past week, I have been playing with it non-stop. I am making all sorts of things with it. One of the projects that I couldn't wait to start was a word book. Word Books are all the rage right now, but they are very expensive to purchase, reading the cricut message boards, I discovered that you can use Cricut Design Studio to make your own word book. Well, the first one here that I am posting was a cut file that someone on the message board had made. I used it to cut the letters for the shape of the book, and get a feel for how the program works. My next project is a baby word book. I am getting pictures from my friend Tara, who will be able to help me with giving me photos.

Here are photos of the word book.

The other project that I worked on tonight was a item for the Bird and Flower Swap that I am hosting for the Candian Scrap and Swap Site. I am looking forward to seeing what all of their reactions are. The hot look in scrapbooking right now is using flourishes. I was really hoping that I would be able to make my own flourishes with CDS. So, I here is my first attempt, I made nine of these for the swap, as one goes to each person. Hope you like them!

Here is the Flourish Cut File

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