Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Break Arrives!

Spring Break arrived just in time! If it arrived any later I think I would have collapsed. The stretch from January to Spring Break is a long one with no breaks or long weekends in there, so I couldn't be happier that I am going to have a two week break. Going to school part-time and working full time is quite the undertaking. (This is not meant to sound like complaining because I am certainly not trying to complain!) I define myself as an achiever, so it is very hard to be this simultaneously at school and at work. I enjoy being creative and enthusiastic in both of these areas, but keeping the pace that I kept when I was working as a full time teacher or studying as a full-time student in undergrad is just too difficult to do together in both areas, but I think I had to try first.

Yesterday, I had dinner at Mom and Dad's, and I fell asleep on the sofa. Then I drove home and crawled into bed and slept until 12:00p.m this morning. Akk that is a long time. I feel revitalized now, and am looking forward to a very restful Spring Break. Here are a few things that I will be working towards on Spring Break!

1.) Report Cards (yes i know that does sound ridiculous to you teachers, but I am just releived that I don't have to fit those in amongst school and work) (All Done)

2.) Compleing course design project. ( I have the plan it is just pulling it all together now)

3.) Scrapbooking

4.) Beginning to think about wedding details.

5.) Trip to Seattle

So, I have quite a bit a time ahead of me, and I am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying it.


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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Spring Break! It'll be a well-deserved rest and time to catch up on some of the fun things you don't have time to do while at school! Did you say Report Cards...when do they go out? Ours went out last Friday. Don't work too hard now. Wedding plans sound more like it and of course scrapbooking and a trip to Seattle.
Enjoy! Karen

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