Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Andrei's Grad Weekend

Well, there is defintely always something to do, and I long for the days when I would day that I am bored and have nothing to do. But, that hasn't seemed to happen in a very long time. Coincidently, since I started my Masters. (I don't want to sound like I am complaing because I am not, because I do like to keep busy!

This weekend was particularly fun. Andrei had is Grad Dinner Dance on Friday. It was a buffet dinner and dancing until 1:00am. It was a very fun evening. It was great to meet all the people that Andrei has taled about from his nursing program. I was all worried about what I was going to wear, but it all worked out. I fit in perfectly and wore the same dress that I wore on the semi-formal night.

As part of his grad present, I bought him the Rockband for his Playstation 3. We went out to his parent's house on Saturday Day to play. It was quite fun. You acually feel like you are in a band. There is a drummer, guitar player, and a singer. We each had a chance to be all of the parts. He played a lot more, as I snuck off to do my readings for the week. But, it was all fun just the same. We made dinner together.

We even had a chance to hangout together in my scraproom. He helped me set up and update my GPS , and I had a chance to tidy and play in my scraproom.

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