Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Well, this past weekend they predicted snow, and I was skeptical to be honest. But, this is the view outside of my living room window this morning. It is absolutely beautiful. I am happy though that this big batch of snow fell on the weekend, as it awful to commute in this weather. So, my hope is to enjoy the beautiful view today, and have it all washed away by the morning for driving to work.

January has been quite busy for me. I have had a lot of parent teacher interiviews after school or before school, my new class that is now on Thursdays, and all the regular routines that are up and running. I can't get over how difficult it is to get into a new routine. However, this past week, I was starting to feel more in a routine.

Julie and I did some scrapbooking on Friday night. That was a lot of fun, and we are trying to get into this routine again as well. However, I didn't get very many pages done, as I was cricuting for Julie. But the one page I completed are these two layouts here. We are working on our Alaska Cruise pictures. My goal is to have it finished before the year anniversary of the cruise. Who knows if this will happen, but I will certainly give it a shot.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

good pictures of the snow. I can almost believe I am in the livingroom looking out window. Glad we are down here.

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