Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolution

Well, I can't believe 2006 has nearly come to an end. I have made some fun memories this year! Highlights would be my Girl Weekends to Whistler and Seattle this summer. All the fun memories and laughs with good friends! Finally, the Kenny ROgers concert with my Dad, where he got a lot of attention from Kenny Rogers! It didn't seem that long ago that I set my 2006 New Year's Resolutions, and here I am reflecting on the success I have had with my New Year's Resolutions! Looking back a year ago, I set the following resolutions for myself:

1.) Keep my Scraproom Better Organized as I am working on projects,in hopes that I will do more projects.

2.)Leave work early a minimum of one day a week, and use that time to be active at the gym and creative in my scrap space.

3.) Don't sweat the small stuff.

Well, I would like to say that I was very successful with my 2006 resolutions. I completed many different scrapbooking projects this year. I have been going to Bikram's Yoga on a weekly basis, and have tried many different type of workout routines this year such as running clubs, aquafit, and many other activities that have kept me very active and feeling better. My New Year's Resolutions have impacted me in a very big way and I have realized now that it is very important to take care of myself.

So, it is now time to think about my New Year's Resolutions for 2007! I would like to continue with the resolutions from last year!

But, because they are suppose to be NEW for 2007! I have set a couple of new ones!

1.)To drink more water!

2.) To begin taking steps to complete my Master's in Education.

I believe it is important to keep my resolutions manageable, so I don't set very many. But, I will do my best effort to work towards these!


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MOM said...

I plan to drink more water too, for the new year.

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