Sunday, December 03, 2006

Holiday Spirit Fun With Friends!

Last night, was the monthly movie night that I have with my friends Frances and Jenny. Since it was the beginning of December, I chose a Christmas movie to watch. So, I chose "It's A Wonderful Life"! It is a great movie and has a true holiday spirit message! Then today, I went to the annual Christmas Craft Fair at the Coquitlam Rec Centre with my friends Tara and Julia. However, it didn't seem as big this year? Not sure if it was because we came on a Sunday or not. I bought one Christmas present, and then bought this treat for myself for working hard on my report cards. It is a necklace that is made out of a domino. (Handpainted) It is a unique piece of jewlery that I have seen a few members on staff wear, so I couldn't resist to buy one for myself. I am also thinking that I might have the students in my class make these for a mother's day present too!(Always thinking like a teacher!) Back to my report cards!

1 comment:

mom said...

They look beautiful and I will look for the parts.

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