Sunday, November 26, 2006

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Well, I am pretty confused as to what season we are in at the momment. It is still fall, as I keep telling my students. But, winter has hit early this weekend. It has been snowing on and off since Saturday. The one thing that I do have to be thankful for is the fact that I don't have to worry about the shovelling or commuting aspect of the snowfall. My poor sister has been out shovelling two or three times today now, and she says she is fed up with the snow! Apparantely, we are suppose to have flurries overnight as well. So the real problem will be commuting to work tomorrow morning. I am not lookinf forward to that. I will get up early, and give myself lots of time to get organized and take my time getting to work.

The snow didn't scare me away from heading to Yoga today. I went to the 2:00 session, and we had a different instructor then normal. They all have their strengths which is great, as he helped me on the spinal twist that I always feel really awkward in. It was odd today, as the class is normally filled with mostly females, but today their was half and half. It is amazing how much more my body has become stronger and flexible since I started last year, and all I have been doing is once a week sessions! I feel so good after that it motivates me for the rest of the afternoon.

So, with the burst of energy I decided to tidy up my scrap space in preparation for the upcoming two report cards weekends. Yuck! The one thing about my job that I don't like. It will most likely take up both weekends. But, I plan to have some fun activities in and around the weekend, so that I don't spend the entire time working on them! One of them being getting my place all decorated for Christmas! I can't wait!

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