Saturday, August 05, 2006

Summer Vacation Flies By....

Wow! It is hard to believe that August has already arrived. I am not sure where all the time has gone. But, I have been having a lot of fun since I have been feeling a lot better which is probably why I haven't updated for awhile!

I finally got to go see Devil Wears Prada! Now that is a great movie! Great message in that movie, as it is so easy to get caught up in material items.

I went to Seattle for two nights and we literally shopped until we dropped. It was a good time! I found some good bargains! My favourite purchases had to be the sketcher running shoes at the Seattle Premium Outlets by the Tualip Casino! Buy one and get the second at half price. I couldn't even buy one pair for the price of two here! They will be great for the fall, as they are dressy runners and look great with my Gaucho pants and various casual work clothes!

I have been doing a lot of scrapbooking and cardmaking. I even started my Christmas Cards. Sara and I set a record last weekend when we scrapbooked about four pages in our best friend scrapbook that we have been working on together since we both started scrapbooking. We were so pleased with ourselves because it is only ten years later, but we have almost completed our highschool graduation pages! It is a record, hard to believe, but we justify it by the fact that we have to create double the pages because we have identical pages in each of our books.

Julie and I had a great visit out at Dinno and Shirley's! Yummy dinner, and a walk at crescent beach! Gotta luv the Blueberry pie from Whitespot!

I even had to get the dust off my rollerblades, and went rollerblading at Rockypoint. Let's just say I need to get back into my cardiovascular fitness because I wasn't doing so well in that department!

It was my turn to host a movie night. I made a roasted chicken on the barbeque, it was delicious! We watched our Seattle Trip on DVD, as I made a video like the one I had made for my students!

Then Yesterday, I had a picnic with friends from Herbert Spencer. I had fun playing with the two babies, and neither one of them fussed when I held them. But, still not ready for my own yet! Then started the long weekend with a Pool Party. It has been great so far, and the activities still keep coming, as I am looking forward to my holiday with Julie up to my Uncles and Aunts house on Canam Lake. We will get to get do some water sports like we did growing up! So, it should be a good time!

Gotta Luv The Summer!

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strawberrygirl said...

I LOVE blueberry pie from whitespot!!!!!

Looking froward to aquafit:)

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