Thursday, August 24, 2006

Summer Quickly Coming to an End!

Well, once again I have been very busy having fun outdoors that it has been difficult getting to the computer to sit down and take some time to update the blog! Summer continues to fly by and it is hard to believe that in the very near future I will be heading back to work. Although I am looking forward to that, it will be an adjustment to get back into a routine.

Since my last post, I wen with my sister up to my Uncle Russ's for three nights. We stayed in his monster of a house on Canim Lake. That was a blast. I got some deccent Water Skiing in during that time. It was unbelievable, I actually got up my first time in the deep water on the one ski, and that is an accomplishment considering that I haven't skiied in at least four years. We went tubing with Isobel's grandchildren, as well. They treated us very well, and we had a very good visit.

Since I have been home. I have had lunch with friends Mandy and her four year old daughter Kenzie and 8 month old daughter Ava. We played at the park and Kenzie's new trampoline. I went for lunches with different friends, and one of those days included a shopping trip downtown and all the way to the Lonsdale Quay. That was a whole lot of fun!!! I attended a couple of barbeques with friends. Once of them was a surprise birthday, and we actually surprised him. It was all Sara could do to keep it a secret from her boyfriend Dave.

I went to the beach a couple of days, at White Pine Beach. I am getting quite a bit of colour on me. But, yes Oma I am using sunscreen! I even went out on a Monday night downtown dancing at the night club Plush. Now, that was fun! As, I won't be able to do that once school is back in session! Danced the night away!

I am now trying to get back into a work routine now. I am going to bed at a more deccent time, and trying to get up earlier in the morning. Thtat should help me once I am back at work. I also started Aquafit Deep Water Exercise class with my friend Tara. I love it! I have always loved swimming, and this is a workout in the water lead by an instructor. You don't get all sweaty like with a regular workout because you are in the water, so that is more enjoyable. I am hoping to continue this into my routine once I am back at work, as it is going to be more difficult to do the running club once the weather starts to change!

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