Monday, July 10, 2006

Tonsillectomy Healing

Well, I have been out of comission lately when it comes to feeling like doing anything. I am now on Day Five of my healing from my tonsil surgery. Let's just say it hasn't been a "walk in the park" or a "piece of cake", just to use a few common sayings. My doctor told me that it was going to be a painful recovery, and let me tell you he was kidding.

When I came out of surgery on Wednesday, I was pleasantly surprised by my pain level. I wasn't feeling great, but I still ahad the drugs in me from the procedure, plus the two Tylenoyl three that the nurse gave me in recovery. It pretty much went downhill from there. For the first two days, I had a fever and fluid in my lungs, as I guess I got that from the anesthetic. This was followed by me being sick. Let me tell you it isn't nice throwing up with a very sore throat. It is all I can do to swallow, as each time it feels like a knife. I have already lost 7 pounds because I cannot eat.

I was pleasantly surprised on Saturday when I was starting to feel better. I ate my first meal, mashed Kraft Dinner! I really thought wow I am tough and I have beat this. But, in my notes from the Doctor, it said that day 4 and five are usually quite painful, after my great day on Satuday I thought naw I am on the mend I will be find. Well, let me tell you... this is not what happened. I have been a textbook case when it comes to the healing process.

Thank goodness I have a prescription mouthwash that numbs the pain, and Tylenol 3 to take when needed. However, for the most part I have only need two extra strength Tylenol.

But, honestly the worst part of all of this is my inability to talk! I do love to talk, and I whisper a little, but I am mostly communicating like I am playing a daily game of charades. I will have to say that my sister is the best at it she gets what I am saying the first time round. Anyways, I miss talking to you all.

My Mom and Dad have been excellent in the good care they have been giving me. I am still staying at home, and proably won't go back to my house until I am eating regular meals. I can't wait till I am back to normal.


strawberrygirl said...

Awwwwwwww Rach:) Big hugs to you. I am so glad you are being looked after! The first night you feel up to it, I am treating you to see The Devil Prada movie. Miss you tons!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn said...

Hey Rachel..saw this last night...thanks so much for letting us all know you are still alive and kicking. My thoughts are with you and I hope you are 100 % soon. Love Jen, Ethan and Hannah

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better real soon! Hope to see you for oma's birthday on Sunday. Henny.

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