Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Follow Up Doctor Appointment!

Well, I had my follow up appointment with my doctor today regarding my tonsillectomy. He told me that my tonsils are healing very nicely! He answered all the questions that I had regarding the surgery etc. He was very thorough and I would definitely have no problems recommending him to others. However, the news that surprised me was that he also told me that although I am feeling a lot better that I am still not able to do strenuous exercise for two weeks. I apparently am still at a risk for bleeding, which is kinda scary because I was considering getting back into my running routine now that I have the MP3 player all filled with music upbeat music. So, that has set me back with the whole work out routine.

But, to be honest although I am feeling better my energy levels aren't quite where they need to be yet anyways, still taking a lot of naps!

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JoAnn said...

Hey Rachel...glad to hear you are almost better...what an ordeal you have been through. Summer is definately here with this very hot weather, so now you will feeling great and be able to go and enjoy the beaches and summer parties!
Have a great summer!
Love, JoAnn.

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