Monday, July 24, 2006

Busy Creating

Well, I have been on the mend for awhile. I have more energy now than I did immediately after the surgery. I had no idea that I would take this long to recover. Since I was told by my doctor to take it easy when it comes to doing physical activity, I decided why not resort to being creative in my scraproom. However, what made this time different than all the others was that I was going to be scrapbooking and creating for a possible profit.

My friend Tara who makes beautiful jewlery offered to sell some of my products that I make at the Art Show she was selling in. The first weekend, I was unable to get any items to her because the projects I was working on took much longer than expected, and my energy couldn't keep up to the work involved. However, this weekend I had some projects to sell. I made four pregnancy paper bag album, one engagment paper bag album, and two large alterned journals, and three altered purse journals.

Well, much to my surprise I sold two purse journals, one paper bag pregnancy album, two large altered journals, and two purse journals. I couldn't believe it! Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the two large altered journals or the purse journals, but when I make some more I will be sure to post them!


Mom said...

way to go girl!!!! knew you had it in you to be a crafter.

Anonymous said...

wow, i told you that you could sell your stuff. good for you

Jenn said...

that is awesome..
i want to hire you to make me themed cards...i love your work

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