Saturday, June 10, 2006

I Have a New School Home

I can't believe it has finally happened. I have been going through the whole where will I work next year for at 3 weeks now. Of course being the worrier that I am, it was starting to get to me! I wasn't sleeping as good, and I was sensitive when people asked me where I was working. Better than in the past, but still quite uneasy. (It is in my genes!)

Anyways, I had a feeling that I was going to know very soon because the district wanted to have all the continuing teachers that are like me in a postition by the end of round three. But, by Friday I still hadn't heard anything. Then afterschool, I was talking in my classroom about an up coming meeting, and Tracy my principal came in to announce that she had "some good news for me". My first reaction was, she knows where I am going to be working, and she is here to tell me. Then all of a sudden she says there is a position here at Spencer for me, the same position that I have now! I didn't know what to think! I was in shock. My facial reactions didn't really give a clear indication that I was excited because I thought I would have to apply, and all that other stuff.

But, then when I realized what had happened and that I had a new teaching home for as long as I want I couldn't stop moving! I don't have to pack up my boxes, and I am teaching at a great grade level! Yeah! I have now settled in and can just enjoy the profession that I love so dearly!


strawberrygirl said... happy for you! I know that was causing you a lot of stress and worry. We will have to celebrate very soon! Kelvin will never be the same without you, but I am sure we will work together somewhere down the road again!

dinno said...

Now you dont have to stress over it and you can enjoy the summer.
Hope to see you soon.
Love Dinno and Shirley

Anonymous said...

Glad for you and your great news! Congratulations Rachel, you so deserve the job, you are a great teacher! Now you can enjoy your time off, and know you are OK in September. Love Henny.

mom said...

Boy, am I glad you have your spot for next year. Now you can sleep and eat properly again. Spencer does not know how luckly they are and the others will miss having you teach at their schools.

JoAnn said...

Hi Rachel...I am finally at your blog...:)) Congratulations on your posting...I think that it just fabulous. You have worked hard and this is your just reward.
Just great!
Love, JoAnn.

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