Friday, April 21, 2006

Two Runs and a Yoga Class

I can't believe how well this mental wellness thing is working out for me this year. I am in month four now of taking an early day from work, exercising weekly, and let me tell you the benefits to my Mental and Physical health have been fantastic. I am able to face important work and relationship issues, as a little bump in the road rather than see it as a huge mountain to climb. I am acutally some weeks able to take more early days then the one that I just planned on. Maybe they aren't as early as 3:30, but I haven't had any 6:30 nights in a really long time!

So, I am becoming a firm believer in taking care of the spiritual self, as it makes a world of difference as to how you react to situations that pop up as a result of living "the single life".

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