Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Traditions

We had a fun time yesterday decorating eggs. Mom, Dad, Julie, Dinno, and I all decorated eggs at my house. This is my first Easter in my new home, so I was encouraged to host the decorating party. It is always a lot of fun to do!

It is something that we have been doing for years now! We chat, laugh, and laugh some more as we make all the different eggs. Of course, there are some traditional eggs that always have to be made. This would be the religous Eater Egg, as it is important to have to some of the members of my extended family. The newest member of the memorable eggs has to be the "Easter Blog" egg. Even Dad got into the festivities, as he made a self-portrait egg.

Good Times!

1 comment:

strawberrygirl said...

Rachel, what a great tradition! I love the new twists you added:) Miss you tons...we have to get together soon:) xoxoxoxoxo Tara

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