Saturday, February 25, 2006

Report Card Update!

Today was day one of completing my report cards. I have decided to keep track how much time I have spent on report cards today, and compare this to how much time it took me last year. I started my report cards today at 9:30 am. I worked on them in intervals. I was able to take a lunch break with my friend Sara, and a quick errand break to walk around and get out of the house . I spent about 4hours and 25 minutes on my report cards today. What does that mean you ask in terms of getting them done? I completed all the grade two reports in my class. I have learned that taking the time to really make a template, and do all the assessment ahead of time really helps to get the report cards done realtively painlessly. But, don't get me wrong it still isn't a piece of cake. My goal for tomorrow is to have all the grade three reports done, except for the math, as I need to make sure that I have enough assessment from the students who were away!

1 comment:

kimkt said...

I am a teacher too... and doing report cards stinks! :-)
I've got parent-teacher conferences tomorrow so instead of blogging I should be gathering info for those... *sigh*

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