Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Frazzled By Report Cards

Well, here it is crunch time, and this is where my mental wellness really gets tested. It is that time again when I need to get the report cards ready to be sent home. Some how this term, they have just snuck up on me. I actually thought that I had this weekend and next weekend to work on them. But, it turns out that I just have this weekend to work on them. I guess technically I should have worked on thme last weekend, but I wasn't in the psychological mind set to do this. Awg! I did however create my report card template. The time and energy that I put into my template, I am hoping will pay off when it comes time to actually working on my reports this weekend, as the nuts and bolts are there. It will just take some time to do the personaling with student behaviour and openning comments.

I just get so exhausted these three reporting periods. I am trying to maintain a meaningful and purposeful program in the class, and try to make sure all the data for reports is collected and then the reports are written in the evenings and on my weekend when I am suppose to be having down time. And then return to work the following week, all bright eyed and energetic! Yeah right!

Well, it feels good to vent!

The good news out of all this is that I gave my template for my principal to read over the comments, and she had nothing but positive comments to say about my template. She even said that she couldn't wait to read them because the content in them is so thorough and individualized. I actually think that this is the only thing that is keeping me going.
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