Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ahhhh...Long Weekends

Well, it Sunday, and I still have one more day off tomorrow! It is super! I am getting a chance to do a little bit of everything! Friday night, I had a movie night with my sweetie pie! We watched the movie the Perfect Getaway, it was a murder thriller, not usually my style. But, this movie wasn't too gory, and had a super twist. It was worth it! Yesterday, I had a lot of fun as I took my 89 year old Grandma for her very first pedicture! I sat across from her, and was able to enjoy looking at all the faces she was making as she took it all in. This was a Christmas present for her! She couldn't believe they worked on her feet for an hour! (Her words...not mine!)

I had a good visit with Grandma, Mom, Dad, and Julie after the pedicure! I brought Grandma back to Mom and Dads. Then I came home and spent time with Andrei before he went to work. I worked on the party hats some more, and then Julie phoned and invitied me to the movies to see Bridesmaid! Oh my was that a funny movie! I had a whole bunch of fabulous belly laughs! It was great to watch! Girl Humour!

I have been looking through my stash.Seeing if there is anything that I can perge because I don't use it anymore! And looking around there are a few things that I can now get rid of! Feels good to perge.

I am off to shop...need to buy present for Emma. Her 3rd birthday party is tomorrow.

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