Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of a Decade...

Staying at home tonight on New Years has been quite an interesting night. There have been many programs on TV today documenting the end of a decade. This got me thinking what a BIG decade this has been for me. These past 10 years I have seen a lot of changes. I was accepted in to the PDP program at Simon Fraser University, I graduated from PDP. I retired from my First job at Second Look Day Spa in Coquitlam Centre. I began teaching and was able to purchase my first car. I then travelled to Australia for 6.5 weeks with a good friend at the time. I then earned my first teacher's contract, and was able to save up enough money to purchase my first condo. I then lived there for four years. In that time. I dated, and then met that special someone, my current husband Andrei. I was accepted into my Master's of Education program at Simon Fraser University. We dated and then got engaged. I then sold my first place, to buy the house we are currently living in. We got married, and now here it is 29 minutes and the end of a decade. I really can't believe it! I hope the speed of the last three years of this decade are not an indication of the speed of the next 10 years. This was a memorable decade for me lots of good times! Lots of memories, and character building! Looking foward to what is instore in the upcoming decade!

Happy New Year!
All the Best in 2010!
Peace and Happiness for you all!

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