Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Christmas Stamp Set a Reward for a Productive Weekend

This is one of those weekends where I feel single. Andrei has worked day shift on both Saturday and Sunday, so I have been home alone to putter about. I managed to sleep both weekend days. This was by far a very lovely treat.

I worked on my Imaginative Science Unit for my course work. This is my final project for the semester. I have a really good start. I was even able to get some feedback from my professor on the project, so I can incorporate that feedback. Now for the last couple of hours I have been playing in my scraproom...a luxury these days. I am currently working on an All About me 6x6 page for a swap I am in. I belong to a message board, and all 19 of us are creating a page for ourself and everyone else in the group. I had some difficulty originally, but I think I am on track now. I was able to create a design. However, I don't know what I would do without my cricut and cuttlebug. I use them for every project.  I will post the finished product once it is done.  I need to go get the pictures printed now. But, I think I will leave that for a Tuesday night project, since Wednesday is a holiday. I will enjoy a little excursion while Andrei is working his last night shift.

The pictures is my reward for workin so hard. These stamps I found at Micheals while shopping for some Christmas Gifts! What a great price! $1.50 each. They will be so much fun to colour! And I can use these for tags and such.

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