Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Big 30

Well,I celebrated my 3oth birthday on the weekend. I can't believe that I hit this big number. But really it is just a number. I had a great day, as I spent some time with my sister she treated me to lunch and we went to the scrapbooking story. It was very lovely. They had this 50% off sale as part of their 10 years in business, so everything in the story was half off. I couldn't resist a deal. Especially since I just reccently designed the wedding invitation. I got some great gooodies. Upon return home I spent a lovely time in the backyard in Mom and Dad's Gazebo visiting. THen I went online laptop shopping and ended up purchasing a new laptop. It was time I bought one as I really needed it for scool. Afterall I am doing a Master's in instructional design and technology. I have been spending the last two nights now getting it all set up. I am looking forward to having on Thursday for my class, as we are learning out to design an interactive teaching tool with adobe flash. We are given demos and it would be great to be able to use my laptop to do all this.

Now I have two computers. I remember when we got our first computer at home it was such a big deal. Now I own two of them. Really what is next I tell you what is next!

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