Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring Break Highlights

Yes, I know it is time to up date the blog. It has been awhile, so I thought the theme of today's entry would be the highlights of my trip to Arizona

My trip started off a little rocky because I wasn't feeling the best when I left, but I was on the mend so that was a blessing.My trip started off with the idea isn't it a small world. I ended up flying on the same flight as a girl that I work with. We both knew we were going away, but never made the connection that we were on the same flight. She was staying in Phoniex and I was continuing on to Yuma. It turns out that we had the same flight home as well. It gave us an opportunity to chat about just about everything, and kill some time in the airport.

The weather was very lovely. It was great to sit outside and just vegetate in the sunshine. The first couple of days I slept almost 11.5 hours per day. It was great to catch up on the sleep and get rid of the dark circles around my eyes.

Travelling to Yuma was a good ego boost. I guess they are not used to seeing young people in places, so I got ID quite often. It was great, as I will be turning 28 in the next two months.

I came back with a tan and well rested and that is what counts. It is just too bad that it wasn't a little longer, as you just start to feel rested, and it is time to head back to work!

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Aunty Jo. said...

Hi Rachel...thought I better get to your blog and take a gander..:))
Very nice and the cards look so professional...very nice cards. Job well done..you do a fantastic job of them. Nice picture from Yuma and glad you had a nice trip and came back rested, but I'm sure you wish you could go back again already. Just think, Easter break will be here soon and you can have 4 days of R&R...sleep to noon!
Back to work...have a great week, Rachel.

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