Friday, February 24, 2006

Making Cards

One would think that after my last post, I would be spending time here tonight on my computer working on report cards. But, no these were not the types of cards that I was working on. I continue to take care of my mental wellness, and not think about report cards tonight. I was working on a different kind of card project. I was invited to a card making house party. It was a lot of fun! There were about 14 of us I think. Not to sure, but it was a great idea. The Card maker demonstrater comes to the house and for 17 dollars you get about 2.5 hours of fun and you come away with five cards. She had products to sell there, but there was no pressure to buy anything. It was a great idea. Of course I couldn't leave without buying one new thing that caught my eye. That was a set of 13 foam stamps that were saying stamps that would be great for the cards that I love to make.

Taking the card class tonight has definitely got me in the card making spirit again, and once these darn reports are out of the way, I will be able to let the creative juices start going and make some more cards.

Thanks for inviting me Tara! It was a lot of fun, I just hope you are feeling better!
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